a love letter to “skinny love”

by s.

There are songs that will make your life feel sad and important. This is, in and of itself, sad and important.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the external circumstances are or how they stack up to world events or even how past versions of yourself have felt about larger issues. It is good to remember that you have feelings and better to feel them than to not, and it is at those moments when a really good piece of music becomes the place that you go to be alone.

Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” is this song for so many; you don’t need to be heartbroken in the woods of rural Wisconsin to make this song feel real (although I can tell you from experience that it helps.)

Occasionally the skies open up, and you’ve come home from a bad day whose implications you begin to parse as you slowly drink a bourbon and watch the rain pour, and it’s fitting that you’re ready to feel some feelings because “Skinny Love” is also the only thing that sounds good in this weather anyway.

If you can write this kind of song, I wish you luck, because it will spend the rest of your life chasing you. If you can listen to this kind of song and not feel any feelings, then the odds are higher than you think that you have none to feel. And if you can listen to this song and watch as everything becomes sad and important and survive it, chances are you will feel smarter for it later and have no fucking clue why.