okkervil river, “the velocity of saul at the time of his conversion”

by s.

Certain songs are all about the crescendo. Their strength lies wholly in the build-up, which is why we invent phrases like “ocean of sound” to help bring together the things we find beautiful in nature with the things we create that – we hope – can be just as beautiful.

Certain songs do this with the actual music, and others deliver it lyrically through the telling of a story. The story often has a punchline. The punchline comes after the chorus, much like the bridge, which is where a lot of the key action in such a crescendo takes place.

Certain songs gesture at things that are larger than we are, and in this they function like theology for ears too tired to make sense of the concepts. They scare us, but they comfort us at the same time, which in turn scares us.

Certain songs are so compelling, so wholly absorbing, that they make you miss your train stop. This song is one of those.